Buy bedspread from Auping

An Auping bedspread really finishes off your bedroom. Not only does a bedspread add a lot of atmosphere to your bedroom, it also keeps you nice and warm. Auping bedspreads are extra large and cover the entire bed. Our range consists of bedspreads in different colours, materials and fabrics. Ranging from soft, warm, quilted bedspreads to cool, thin, cotton ones.

Create atmosphere in the bedroom with a bedspread

At Auping, you have a choice of different bedspreads for your bed. Our bedspreads are printed on both sides with different colours, prints or imprints. So you can use an Auping bedspread in many ways. There is always a bedspread that suits your bedroom and looks good with your duvet cover.

By regularly turning the bedspread, for example, you can bring a new atmosphere into your bedroom every time. You can also fold the bedspread back a little at the top. This way, you make your bed look nice (just like in a hotel) and both sides of the bedspread are visible.

Auping's bedspreads all contain cotton. Auping participates in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) programme with the aim of improving global cotton cultivation. The cotton we use in our bedspreads also carries this label.

Stay cosy and warm at night with a bedspread

A bedspread not only adds atmosphere to your bedroom, it also has practical benefits. Do you get cold easily at night during the winter months? By leaving it on top of your duvet, a bedspread can give you that extra bit of warmth.

In summer, a bedspread is mainly decorative and you take it off the bed when you go to sleep.

Bedspread sizes

Looking for a bedspread for a single bed or a double bed? And don't know what size bedspread you need? At Auping, we make it easy for you. All our bedspreads have a size of 180x260 cm. So the bedspread will always fit your bed, no matter what size. Nice and easy.

Tip: Fold the bedspread in half if you have a smaller bed.

Washing the bedspread

You can wash all Auping bedspreads at temperatures up to 30 degrees. This keeps your bedspread nice and fresh. After washing, it is best to hang the bedspread to dry inside or outside on a high drying rack or clothesline. Auping bedspreads are not suitable for the dryer.