Garantie voor een goede nachtrust


At Auping we want you to sleep wonderfully every night. Therefore, each Auping product is made with the greatest care and of course carefully checked before it leaves our factory. Everything we do is focused on ensuring a good night’s sleep. Our efforts do not stop the moment we deliver your Auping product to you. Whether it’s an entire bed or a single head pillow; our warranty applies to all Auping products purchased from one of our authorized selling points.

What does the Auping warranty cover?

Different Auping products may have different warranty terms, applicable from the date of purchase. Make sure you keep your receipt or invoice as we will need this to validate your claim. The warranty conditions below apply to purchases made in one of our authorized points of sale.

Beds & box springs
All Auping beds and box springs have a standard warranty term of 5 years. Upholstered products can discolour over time due to, for example, light. This is not covered by the Auping warranty.

Mesh bases
Auping ensures a 35-year guarantee on wire and frame breakage on all Auping mesh bases and box spring frames. All other parts of the mesh base - such as engines, gas springs and electronics - have a 5 year warranty term.

Mattresses & top mattresses
The standard warranty term for mattresses is 5 years. On top mattresses, we offer a warranty of 3 years. 

Duvets & pillows
On duvets, we offer full 5-year warranty and we offer a full 2-year warranty at pillows. In the case of material or manufacturing defects, we ensure a full coverage on replacement or repair.  

Bed linen
All duvet covers, fitted sheets and flannel protectors have a full 1-year warranty.

The standard warranty term for all Auping accessories – nightstands, poufs and decorative pillows for example – is 5 years.

Electronic accessories
The standard guarantee period for all electronic Auping accessories - Auping Connect and lamps - is 5 years.

Depressions & deviations in sizes of (top)mattresses

Our (top)mattresses are all made by hand. This means that every product is unique and, therefore, a minimal deviation in the length, width or height of the product can occur.
To determine whether your complaint about a deviation in size falls within our warranty, we use the NED-EN 1334 standard. Deviations of + 1 cm (larger) or - 1 cm (smaller) or less are not covered by the warranty.

An Auping mattress provides the best support and will adapt to the contours of your body over time. Due to this, formation of depressions may occur. This is a normal phenomenon. Local reduction of height is acceptable up to 2 cm and is not covered by our warranty.

Always purchase your Auping product at an authorized selling point

We strongly advise you to buy Auping products at our authorized selling points only. This way we can guarantee the quality of your product. An overview of our selling points can be found here. Auping does not offer a warranty on products that have not been sold, delivered or assembled by an authorized point of sale (store, studio or online). Also, depending on the nature of the complaint, combinations with non-Auping products can lead to rejection or limitation of the warranty claim.

Warranty claims can only be made by the original buyer. Auping will need the original invoice to validate your claim, so make sure you hold on to this. The claim must also be made to the point of sale where the product was originally purchased, even if the buyer has moved to another country. The rights stated in the Auping warranty policy belong to the buyer. If the buyer is a natural person and not acting on behalf of a profession or business, the rights he or she is entitled to under our warranty are without prejudice to the rights or claims granted by law.

Our warranty only applies to countries where Auping is officially represented. Warranty and service can be refused when Auping products are transported to countries where Auping is not officially represented.

Warranty in case of material or manufacturing defects

In the case of material or manufacturing defects, the defect will be repaired in accordance with the Auping warranty conditions. When this is not possible, another suitable solution will be offered. In this case, the product will be replaced by the same or – if the product is no longer available – an equivalent alternative. In certain cases, compensation can be offered. Auping assesses whether the defect will be compensated by replacement, repair or reimbursement.

Defects/damages due to poor maintenance

To ensure your claim is validated, you must follow Auping's maintenance advice. In addition, the warranty only applies in the case of normal household use. Warranty claims for defects and/or damages due to inappropriate actions (overpressure for example), incorrect use or standard cases of wear and tear within the legal standards will not be validated. Also, no claim can be made on the guarantee on mattresses when they are placed in a moist environment.

Complaints procedure

Any complaint will first be reviewed by Auping. If considered valid, the defective product (or parts) will be repaired or replaced free of material costs. If repairing or replacing the product is not possible, another suitable solution will be offered.

Depending on the country in which the warranty claim is made, the warranty does not automatically include reimbursement of the costs of shipping the defective product to the Auping factory or point of sale for inspection or repair. This also applies to returning products which have been replaced or repaired. Within the Auping warranty, the repair itself is free of charge. However, transport costs may be charged by the Auping selling point.

Warranty term after repair or replacement

When a part is repaired or replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period of the complete product also applies to this part. This is also the case when the complete product has been replaced.

Auping-certified = CBW-certified

Purchasing an Auping product at one of our authorized points of sale ensures you this store or studio is also CBW-certified. A CBW-certified selling point must meet strict requirements, in particular when it comes to down payments, the guarantee policy and the handling of complaints. More information can be found at